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Our Chief Instructor, Tim Wheeler, has been an avid firearms enthusiast for more than 35 years. Tim was introduced into the shooting community at a young age thanks to his father's strong commitment in providing firearms safety training while serving in law enforcement. 

While many teenagers engaged in routine sporting and academic programs, Tim elected to participate in rifle and pistol tournaments.

Following high school Tim spent the next 9 years in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. During his time in the service he participated in both large and small bore rifle and pistol competitions achieving numerous awards.

Following in his father's foot-steps, Tim began his own law enforcement career in 1986. As a young officer, he served as a patrol officer and later as an under cover officer with the District 6 Drug Task Force.

In 2002, he began his lifetime career with the fire service. Throughout his 20 years of service, Tim gained additional training while serving as a Fire marshal, shooting tournaments, and being an avid Hunter/Outdoorsman.

With over 25 years working within public safety, he has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience.